Alejandro Campos:

Analogy versus Metaphor. Aldo van Eyck’s poetic images in-between fields

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Lina Dima:

Organic City. Modern Aspects of the Biological Metaphor in Architecture and Urbanism

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Michael Faciejew:

The Documentation Center: A Material Genealogy of ‘Information Architecture’

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Nadia Falfoul:

Disturbing Scenes: Architecture as Metaphor in Women’s Stories


Michael Friedman:

Changes of the Architectural Metaphor in Mathematics during the 19th and the 20th century


Mokọ́ládé Johnson:

Yorùbá Metaphor in Contemporary Public Realm Architecture


Juliana Yat Shun Kei:

The Environmental Metaphors between Architecture and Ecology c.1965


Konrad Matyjaszek:

Concrete Abstractions: Production of Working Architectural Metaphors in the Design Practice of Warsaw’s Socialist Realism (1949-1956)


Juno Hoay-Fern Ooi:

Architecture as Political Spectre: The Rangoon University Student Union (RUSU) Building


Devika Prakash:

The Metaphorical ‘Co-Construction’ of the Smart City: Studying urban future as envisioned by India’s Smart Cities Mission


Ingrid Quintana-Guerrero:

Inmundo: Architectural Metaphors from the Edge of the World


Avishek Ray:

The Highway as a Metaphor. COVID Pandemic and the Politics of Mobility


Inés Toscano:

Metaphors at the Top! Denise Scott Brown’s Speculative Feminist Analysis of the Sociology of Architecture


Christian Vöhringer:

Ahh, Landschaft! Metaphorical uses of landscape in office, work and research environments


Peng Xue:

From Metaphor to Paradigm: The Apocryphal Stories of the Mustard Seed Garden Reveals Dashilar as Heterotopic Urbanism

Architecture_Metaphor          International Conference          5-7 November 2020